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About Genie

Meet Genie, loving friend and spell caster

Genie has been practicing magick her entire life. She decided years ago, however, to specialize in love castings.  Although she can perform any type of magick for nearly any wish, love is what touched her heart.  Bringing couples back together, mending broken relationships and preventing divorce catastrophes are everyday situations for Genie and her coven.  If you are looking for a true professional, Genie is the right caster for you!

All of Genie's magick is white in nature and origin, therefore nothing bad will come to you from working with her! She's super caring and will make sure she hear's you out before giving you a "cookie cutter" price.

Genie has written many spells of her own throughout the years which she often implements into her custom love spell castings.  This unique approach has proven to be so successful, Genie money back guarantees all of the spells she performs for life!